Friday, 30 July 2010

Plush Pals -not just for babies!

Given my penchant for baby makes using my Plush Pals dvd, you'd be forgiven for thinking that was all it could do. Truth is, I like making baby stuff but this disc will go far beyond baby cards. I've done some simple flower cards - all I did was insert a backing paper into my document and then inserted a flower on top. I then flood filled the flower with white to create a flower shaped "hole" in the backing paper. I printed this off , folded and cut into a square card.
Next I used the ready to print flower embellishment sheet, I cut out the flowers and look how different you can make the flower look just by pinching the tips of the petals together. You can then play with flower layers and positioning to create different looks - if you add distress inks, you get a softer more aged look, glitter adds a lot of sparkle - perfect with white card.
Something I'll be playing around with some more, the basic elements would make a lovely 3d frame too.
I also want to say I really appreciate people who take time to leave comments, I know how busy life is but I have had switch to moderation mode as I am fed up of deleting irrelevant and gobble-de-gook comments.

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Roschic said...

Wow these are fab!