Sunday, 23 September 2007

A Magnolia Christmas

My poor old blog has been a bit neglected this last month. Actually all areas of my online life have been suffering, I've just not found the time to spend anytime on Craft Supplies or any of the other crafty sites that I skip through, my webmail is also suffering but I had to sacrifice the time as I have recently gone back to work (albeit part time) and I'm also involved in organising the Galway Breastfeeding conference in October, which is being held in Gort this year. (See for more info).
I've been playing with some fabulous new stamps as well, from Magnolia - a Swedish rubber stamp company. I cannot praise them highly enough. They are EZ mounted and have the most wonderful fine line images with shading and depth.(Do you think I like them? NO - I love 'em!) And the characters are sooooo cute too, my fave has to be Tilda with the frog, I thought it would make a fabulously tongue in cheek, "Well his did bulge a bit" card or "I told you he was slimy" card, for when your girlfriends get dumped.....
I've been trying to "go digi" as well and managed a single framed LO of dd with her name on it - thought it looked a bit flat though and added a few odds n ends and a couple of jewels to give it a bit of bling. I have to say I found the digi really challenging, not because the actual format of it is hard but because I kept trying to produce something that simply wasn't me - then I realised, just because the media is different it doesn't mean my style has to be. So I went back to the beginning and stopped trying so hard and a page done in 15 mins!(OK it wont win any prizes but it achieved it's purpose - I've done digital!