Thursday, 29 July 2010

hougie board demo

Friday 7th August and I'll be in Spiddal, to give a Houghie board demonstration  - it's straight after the coffee morning and kicks off the Spiddal Summer Extravaganza weekend plus I've heard there will be some great 12 by 12 offers to be had and of course the Houghie.
I think it's a great piece of kit - I have mine for a while and  to be honest, as first I wondered had I made an expensive mistake but now it's invaluable. I can follow tutorials in both metric and imperial, which saves so much time - compared to translating it over onto my blue board.
Once you  start to play with the board, fancy box making becomes really easy, I use a pad of A3 paper from the 2 euro shop to practice on (I hate wasting my good card making mistakes) or A4 copy paper - I've started to keep these "try outs" so that I am not always starting from scratch and I find the visual much easier to work with than just written instructions.
I have about 20 boxes and cards to show so far, and a couple more to complete if I find the time, I also have to prep for 2 classes - my house is awash with paper trimmings, which are been scattered far and wide by 2 rambunctious kittens and two equally rambunctious children. I had to take a break to wade through the detritus in the girls bedroom, how can 2 little people make sooooo much mess?

Anyway, see you in Spiddal Friday 7th - there be cake for sure .... and cake boxes ....


Lia said...

Brilliant work here Sally

Roschic said...

I was at the demo for the hougie board and yes i bought one!! I have made a template for the 3d frames, these are great i have so many ideas in my head for them,but where will i find the time to make them?