Monday, 8 February 2010

New Year - New thinking....

Ok so I know it's almost mid February but it's not that late into the Chinese new Year, so that's the one I'm going with this year. 2009 was up and down, the start of 2010 has been pretty awful - so I'm making this the start of my year....
I have seperated from my partner after over a decade, I just hope we can try and keep things civil for the sake of the girls but it's strange. I feel a bit like a balloon that has been cut from its anchor - I'm bobbing along but I need to get my life in order, try to organise some kind of income, the maintenance wont even cover rent. I do feel positive though and I've been getting early (or least earlier) nights, reading, tidying and generally getting things done. The girls are hard work and I relish bedtime! I am trying to get them to sleep alone, I have spoiled them on that front - it was not uncommon for 5am to come around and I had not been to bed, just gone from one to the other feeding, reading, singing trying to stop them from crying... so now it's a new regime and once they are fed, warm, safe and clean then they need to learn to comfort themselves and sleep through. It means very broken nights at the moment but hopefully things will resolve and it will be a change for the better.
I also lost my dog. I was heart broken - he was my pseudo child for a number of years and then such a good dog to have around the girls, I really miss him; although I have no interest in replacing him for a long time yet.
I've made a few cards over the weekend, not felt like crafting for a while so it was good to get some mojo back!
The baby boy "Julien" card is a digi card - I find them quick and easy when I'm stuck for an idea. I layered the card in Publisher and then printed two copies,one for the base and then one to add some decoupage. Bit of ribbon and bling, then to make the card extra special I made a matching box.
The other card was for my baby sister, who turned 16 this week - where has the last decade gone? It's an easel card but the top layer is a square card which lifts up to reveal a distressed photo of the girls. I've had the scrabble tiles for ages and I've vowed to use them - this is the year of stash liquidation! The rub on is 3 bugs and the paper Sassafrass.


Kate said...

Aah babes I'm sorry to hear you've been having a hard time and everything together too :-((
Sending you lots of hugs and postive thoughts, You're a strong woman and I know you can get through this! So sorry to hear about your dog, I know what you went through there, mine is sick ATM :-(( xx

Dianne said...

So very sorry to hear you have had and are having such a bad time of it. I hope things work themselves out for you very soon.

Crafting can be very theraputic and the work you have done here is absolutely fab!!