Thursday, 3 July 2008



Neasa said...

Oh fabby fabby L.O's hun. I was looking at them and DD came in and said "Who's she?" I said "Thats blah blah". "Can I meet her and how old is she?" I told her if she went to bed now I'd see if they could meet up! Is Madam coming to our neck of the woods with you? I'll bring Ms. Madam if she is!! Love all the L.O's hun. I love that lacy cardstock. Used it for my frame as I didn't know how to use it in a L.O. Off to look again! Keep up the scrapping frenzy! Take care x

Elisa said...

Great LOs, Sarah. I need a bit of your productivity, can you bottle and sell a bit to me, please?

The teen one is my favourite, great combo of colour & bw pics!