Monday, 7 July 2008

baby boy card

Sometimes it's nice to just make a pretty card - no techniques, nothing time consuming - just patterned papers and rub offs with a few bits n bobs to add to the layered look. I made a box with a diamond shape acetate window using my X Cut shape cutter - I didn't want the ribbon and flowers to end up squashed in an envelope.


Kate said...

Ooh I LOVE this and the box is fab too!!

Foreigner by Default said...

Oohhh, where did you get that cutie picture of a sleeping baba?

I guess it must be my hormones but that is truly making me go aaahhhh... :D

And I've yet to make a box, it sounds so COMPLICATED.

BTW, do you find Xcut shape cutter any good? I got Fiskars one but not happy with that at all ... and I keep breaking the blades which are NOT cheap OR easy to get.

Now gonna go and sulk in the corner.

minerva said...

gave my Fiskar's away many moons ago - and left the X Cut one alone and unloved in tis box for 3 months when I got it remembering how impossible an oval was. But it is a veritable genius of simple blade cutting in comparison. Everyone should have one - I tried a Fiskars one a couple of months ago again to see if I could suss it and nope I threw that one in the bin (so my mum aint got one now either). I have been told the new Fiskar's shape cutter is easy but I' m not believing the hype.
Get the X cut one in the box with all the shapes - cos you will prob buy them all anyway and as for boxes well I announced to the craft shop that my box is a bit tight... hmmm... 7 months pregnant... get the crafters companion score board - card folding on one side and piss easy box making on the other.