Thursday, 3 July 2008


In a real cardmaking slump this week - I had to pack my stamps away in frustration after several failed projects and dusted off the scrapbook instead. Had 2 late nights of scrapping frenzy and scrapped some photos I have had printed off - one of them for at least 18 months now! I have not added much to dd's album this year, so thought I'd have a go at catching up - I'm delighted to say I managed 7 LO's in 2 nights - I think one a week is my usual speed.
Working on more wedding card samples - not as easy as I might have first thought. Have to keep reminding myself that they have to be workable, cost effective and not too time consuming - of the 18 samples I'm happy with about half, which is ok I guess. Anyway, they are a work in progress.

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Elisa said...

Sarah, check my blog! :-)