Saturday, 21 June 2008

wedding samples

I've been asked to do some samples for a Winter WEdding. I find it really hard just to make invitations with no knowledge of any colour scheme, ideas or tastes involved. I've come up with 6 basic designs that can them be changed into any colour scheme as necessary - I just hope one of them hits the right note with the bride.


Elisa said...

amazing invites, Sarah! My favourites are the heart one and the one with pp, but they're all beautiful, the bride/groom will have a difficult task to choose the one they love most.

Neasa said...

They are all georgous Sarah. She's bound to find something she loves.

Karen said...

These are lovely Sarah, like Neasa says she's bound to find something she likes, or a least take a bit from one and another bit from the other. Lovely work