Saturday, 23 June 2007

water colour pencils.

Inspired by Linda's wonderful cards on her blog, I decided to have a go at using water colour pencils but hadn't any stamps suitable for layering and colouring. Instead I drew a freehand petal shape, coloured it in with the pencils then added the water over the top with a brush. When it was dry I added black veining and then outlined all the pieces with a black pen.(I don't think I added enough water but I didn't want the colours to lose too much of their vibrancy - I guess it will be trial and error). I layered the petals into a flower shape and added a centre. Once mounted on the card I just doodled some stylised leaves and some faux stamens.
I really enjoyed making this - made me feel almost like a proper artist playing with brushes ( I must get some of the water filled brushes) and I think I'll be buying some stamps soon to try some more watercoluring with.

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Linda D said...

Oh my!!! this is just beautiful. Thank you for leaving the link to your blog on mine. I appreciate your kind words about my work, and love seeing yours. Your work is just beautiful. Linda D