Thursday, 14 June 2007

life without you....

I've been offline for nearly a month. My broadband went a bit wonky and with having things done to the house, i neglected to fix it and then when I tried, I failed and then had to wait for some techy type support.
Anyway, up and running again now. Although I've been neglecting my crafting as well, although I have done some invitations but they are for a suprise party - so I'd better keep them under my hat!
The little pickle is growing so fast and her poor gums are seriously sore - there are quite a few teeth on the verge of "popping" through and making her very grizzly at times. But she is still the cutest baby ever (biased? Nah....)
The local post office has also taken 10 Father's Day cards to try and sell them. All of my profit from them will go towards sponsoring a little girl "Nourka" from Mauritania, through Worldvision and 20% of any other profit I make from any other craft and cardmaking projects in future. I can;t change the whole world, as much as I'd like to but I can change the future of one little girl and that's her whole world. If we all could change things for the better for just one person in life, we can do huge things in the world.

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