Thursday, 14 June 2007

life in the old dog....

My dog is starting to look like an old man. Not only has he got grey jowls and grey head, now he has started going bald again. Every summer he gets really itchy and hot, sore patches on his skin and face with itchy eyes. Have tried countless pills, potions, lotions, injections, blood tests etc but to no avail - every summer for the past 3 years has led to vet bills galore, until the vet finally put it down to general "atrophy". He has been suffering more since people have started cutting their grass, so have decided to try a course of homeopathy tablets on him.... fingers crossed it will help.
Anyway, I realised that although I've been taking the odd photo of him, I haven't done any scrapbook layouts or pictures of him for ages. So I snapped this as he was trying to get me to give him an extra biscuit and now it's up on my hall wall. I love my old mutt.

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