Saturday, 18 April 2009

stamping bella

taking my cue from Phil (cannonball filly), I decided it was time to dust off my couple of Bellas. I bought these nearly a year ago and admit with shame face that this was the first time it had come out of the packet.
Coloured with my dd's coloring pencils that were on the table and dressed up with some buttons she had been playing with (she is obssessed with my button jar - I keep them in old glass jar with a screw top lid & it will surely get broken if I dont replace it with a toddler friendly one - she insists they are her buttons and has even tried to take them to bed!
Nothing crafty going on here this week, having all the woodwork in the house replaced this week, so sitting here in doorles chaos at the mercy of the carpenter. Hopefully it will all be done by Friday and I can embark on a mega clear out (tempted to ask him about floor to ceiling shelves for one of the walls in my craft room) - Im off to Dunnes for more banana grass boxes tomorrow, they look so much better than the Huggies boxes I have been using to store my daily use stash in & at half price are pretty good value.


MayoMom said...

Lovely card - DD has great taste in buttons!!!


SusanBluerobot said...

what a great card love your blog too