Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I went to An Siopa Bui last week for a crafty evening - thanks Helen for the lift. I took the smally with me, so I didn't get to make much but had a play with a melt pot - it's one of those fun to play with things but I found the results a bit hit and miss - I'd be happier triple embossing and stamping for a similar result but like everything it probably needs practice. I can see potential for jewellery - you'd be able to make stunning little micro slides, key fobs and those little Tim Holtz frames, great if you wanted to do batches of them to sell at craft fairs.
It was great just being out - I tend to pass up on going out since Brianna was born, seems like too much hard work but I was so glad I made the effort. Kerry is having a ceramic painting evening next week, I wont make that one but it prompted me to find my ducks( or are they geese?) out of the cupboard and they now have pride of place on my kitchen window sill. I used to love ceramic painting, just do not have the time and acrylic paint and toddlers don't mix - or rather they do.... and mix enthusiastically.

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