Wednesday, 29 April 2009

local interest cards

There's a quirky little cafe in Gort that has lovely artwork on the walls and really friendly staff, it bakes its own bread, gives you tea in big ceramic teapots - so much nicer than a solitary Lidl teabag paddling in an inch of water inside a metal pot, that is all too commonplace when you ask for tea these days. And they make the yummiest scones that I have ever tasted - the carrot cake is divine as well - in fact if they opened a craft shop within its walls I would be in heaven (and never home).
Anyhow, I digress. They have a a super quirky lady riding bicycle on the outside wall, with her peering into the upstairs window - I took some pics of her and on Sunday wondered if I could approach her about selling some cards and that perhaps some local interest cards would be a hit with the tourists.
So a couple of my photo cards with a little bit of overstamping and embellishing, cos we do like the personal touch.
tfl xxx oops forgot the pics... will update later

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