Sunday, 15 July 2007

day at the beach

just to prove it's not all craft - pics of the little pickle on her first trip to the beach. She was not very impressed and spent her time trying to eat sand, much to the concern of her doting dad (good job he works full time - if he saw what she puts in her mouth on a daily basis she would be wearing one of those leather bite restraints a la Hannibal Lecter). Sand as is its nature got everywhere... this was a week ago and it's still appearing in little dunes across the hall.
When we got to the beach there was a sign saying NO Dogs between 11am and 6pm - and 2 life guards on duty, who said "yes - the rule is no dogs" - so I took the mutt back to the car and left him in the back with the window half open and the doors unlocked (in case anyone wanted to steal him!). Headed back to the beach to find a Pug bounding up the steps, a collie enjoying the waves and a girl with a pup going in front of me. Slightly irate, I asked the 2 lifeguards in their little hut why was my dog stuck in the car and yet the others had the dogs on the beach, not even on leads. So they told me it was their job to protect the swimmers not enforce the county council beach rules.... surely swimmers could be potentially at risk from free roamimg dogs... I wonder would they also say he was waving not drowning....

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