Thursday, 9 August 2007

catching up

I've no idea where the time is going to. DD will be ONE at the end of the month and it has just passed in a blur - I've already made her birthday card, simply because if I left it to the last minute, I'd end up buying one! Although I have 6 others on my "Must Do" list, 3 birhdays, 2 Anniversaries and 2 weddings. So I must discipline myself and get cracking. I find I'm always leaving projects and ideas half finished -or going off at tangents, I'd love to be one of these think it. make it. give it away, start again crafters - instead I have a room packed to the gunwhales with ideas, papers, more papers and guess what - papers, plus all my other crafting essentials and general craft emphemera... it's overflowing into all areas of my life now - around the computer and in the spare room. I think I need to invest in some decent storage and start to use some of the darn stuff up!
I've been playing with my Lola Rose downloads again and made 2 cute mommy to be sets - one has a handbag box to store all those little momentoes in and a card - the other has a mini "pregnancy" album, scan photo wallet and little box to store it all away in. I thought it would be a cute thing to fill in and then hide away for when your child is all grown up or to remind yourself exactly how your pregnancy was (I know you soon forget!)... an easy way to record the little details, names, cravings etc - (I ate gallons of ice cream and was sure we were having a baby Michael!When she was a girl, I wanted Charlotte and he wanted Michelle, so dd was nameless for several days), it can be filled in an afternoon and wont take up much room in a memory box.
The last card is for the pink petticoat competition over on there website. I really enjoyed making this and it has a lot of layers that don't really show up on the photo.

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