Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tilda writes a Letter

This post is especially for Catherine, she stamped me these little Tildas on the proviso that she'd be watching my blog to see what had done with them and today I got some time to play. Shamefacedly admit it must be more than 6 months since I last touched a promarker - so I really enjoyed my colouring session, although my attempt at a bright Tilda in orange wasn't too successful, I've 3 cute cards all finished. I've had a real problem with cute lately, I was just fed up with it but I've tried to keep it simple and I just LOVE my 4 inch alphabet letters .... thanks for the lovely comments too, I will be a better blogger, I promise!
Sorry about the sideways pics - tried three times to get it straight and I give up!

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Ella's Design said...

I do like this little Tilda and she looks lovely sitting on those large letters - one for the ideas list! (If only I did write an ideas list, because I never remember what I've seen!) I too am enjoying my Promarkers at the moment, there's nothing like colouring in to bring out the kid in us! X