Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Plush Pals flower card

So, I was asked to make 6 - yep, 6 cards for the same wedding. By the time I hit number 6 I needed a fresh take on traditional wedding cards and I came up with this using the blue flower embellishment sheet from the Plush Pals cd-rom .... sometimes we need to dust off those old favourites and rework them .... I pinched the flower petals and layered with foam pads, added handcut flowers and a sentiment - and layered them into an oval aperture panel - then to make it into a keepsake, a navy blue box with the wedding details on top. Quick, easy (once I had the basic idea) and it was my friend's favourite - she kept it as the one to send for herself.

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Ella's Design said...

Nice to see you've got your blogging mojo back! Lovin' all the cards you've made, but especially the footie party box - think I'll have to pinch that for a certain little boys birthday!!