Saturday, 25 August 2007

bit of this bit of that

and suddenly weeks have passed by. DD is one this week - where did the year go to? She is such a joy to be around at the moment (teeth and tantrums not withstanding) - her inquisitiveness, spontaneity and general zest for everything is a daily delight. Sloppy kisses and toothy grins fill my days and paper scraps fill my evenings! I'm working on the projects for my upcoming workshops, I can't wait to get started, I'll be soooo nervous but I love showing people how to create things from little bits of paper and ribbon. Watch out publicans I'll be looking for yet more beermats - they are my favourite thing to alter and make mini books and cards from. I've also had confirmation that my new zutter bind - it - all is going to be shipped this week, so there'll definitely be a workshop on Christmas giftbooks - I can hardly wait.... although before I can make anything, my craft room is still in dire need of a "good bottoming". My sister is coming tomorrow for a visit, along with my mum, younger sis and 2 nephews - so I'll have my hands and days full but my sister has sworn that she will get my space organised (apparently all it takes is small boxes and sticky labels - little does she know), so watch this space for pics of my amazingly tidy, clean and organised craft room soon!
The lovely girls over at Crazy Crafts in Ennis have asked me to do a monthly teen workshop as well. I'm so excited that they a) liked my stuff b)want me to play with paper and c)are going to let me sell some cards there.
Oh and I got chosen to be a demonstrator for Do-Crafts as well, so hopefully I'll be at a craft shop near you soon!
I'll be a busy, busy girl. I have made some cards this week - mostly cutie lil baby ones but don't think to take photos nad now it's too late. Will update soon with photos!

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Audrey said...

Belated Happy Birthday to DD ;-)

Thanks for the link on SW - apparently I'm very slothful - LoL !!!! Well I guess its my own fault, the 7 deadly sins was my idea ;-)