Sunday, 10 August 2008

BIg Hello

To all the lovely ladies I met yesterday - the time just flew by and we didn't have time to finish all the cards in my class. :( but I hope the bits you took home made sense! I really enjoyed myself and hope to see some of you back for a more leisurely day of crafting at the end of September - the last Sunday in September is the date for your diaries - Sunday 28th September at An Siopa Bui, Spiddal.
All I can tell you for now is that it will be a bit of everything day as well as cards there will be a clock, jewellry and I bought some grungeboard yesterday, so that will probably find its way into the day as well!
More details when I've had a play.
It's our local "Show" today - so I'll be up to see how my mother in law has fared in the jam sections this year - she always does well and if the jar of blackcurrant in my fridge is anything to go by then I'm sure this year will be no exception.
I'm regretting not entering of the home produce sections now, I just didn't know if I would have had time, as it turned out I could have done some stuff. I enjoy baking, I just don't do it very often - yeast bread is my favourite to make but I can turn out a decent jam sandwich cake now and again. I have entered a couple of the photography and handcrafted sections, so that's my little bit of support for this year - I made this little frame for the decoupage category, only to discover it had been cut this year!lol. So it's going into Aoife's new room - I thought I'd do a series of 4 of 5 them across one wall, they are only small about seven inch and I think you need a group of them to add some impact.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

long time no blogging...

I can't believe how quickly the month has gone by - I'm teaching my class at An Siopa Bui in Spiddal tomorrow (make that later today!) and I've spent the evening doing some atamping prep and making some little favour box goodies for the girls in the class.
My craft room has been totally wrecked - Oh put new plumbing in for the central heating, which meant moving the rads and digging up the floors - so it is just unbelievable chaos in there. Add a dd to the mix who got in there and emptied 7 - yes seven boxes of paper out onto the floor and it's no wonder I haven't felt much like making cards recently.
Once I have some decorating started I'm moving the craft stuff into the smallest room in the house (how will it fit?), so that the babies room will hopefully have a little bit more room and Aoife upgrades to a big room of her own! Debating on the colour scheme - just cos I don't like pink doesn't mean she wont be a "pink princess", but I think I'll just have white walls and add lots of pics n posters and maybe, just maybe some pink frou frou on her bed.
Anyhow. here's some of the cards I'll be doing at An Siopa....