Monday, 23 November 2009

Started my Christmas cards .... finally

For a cardmaker I really hate making cards for events! New Year cards - never, Easter - I really don't do them - I love real live rabbits but cutey, flopsy ones leave me cold - Halloween? Nah. Christmas, now those I do under sufferance - cos it's expected of me and I just can't get away with bought cards. In fact my family would be more insulted with a bought card than no card at all.
This year I'm doing cards for the kids, personalised with their name and inside a letter from Santa - I've got the parents to dish the dirt, so they'll believe that Santa is indeed omnipotent!
Anyhow I made a start on the cards ..... digi designed with a second or third layer decoupaged on top and then the bits you can't really see - glitter, stickles and glossy accents, then a few bits and bobs to finish.
all that said - I do love making cards but I like quirky - I think we should have happy haircut cards, your dog is seven card - stuff that's fun to do - plumber arrived on time congrats card, anything that is creative rather than necessary.

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Dianne said...

WOW these cards are FABULOUS !!!