Sunday, 23 August 2009

My poor neglected blog

I'm struggling to find the time to do all I want. Things that get made are last minute and gone, so never see a camera - while other things are piling up - not least 140 wedding invitations for mid week, eek!
The potatoes are being dug and I'm replacing them with purple kale and some green cabbage - I admit I am no gardener but I love going out and then bringing in something we can eat. Other than my spasmodic efforts the slugs, snails and nettles are welcome to the rest of the space, I just invade the wilderness now and again but so far this year we have had radish, lettuce, sorrel, potatoes,carrots, peas, beetroot,runner beans,onions and blackcurrants - the cauliflower and courgettes were a disaster but still it's not too bad for the first attempt by a city girl.
A little flower card I did in the week - the greeting is in the text on the leaves - I thought it was cute. Card base by petaloo.

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Elisa said...

Sarah, your blog is a feast for my tired eyes! Beautiful!!!!