Saturday, 20 June 2009

lads n dads

My friend Jenny did it again - she rang this afternoon looking for a card for a 21 year old jockey and oh, she needs it for this evening.
Anyhow, it's not great and looks rather cobbled together (which tbh it is)- but it was all I could muster at such short notice.
The other is a Father's Day Card wallet - it looks incomplete because, well it isn't finished! It's for my friend's husband and she needs to add the photos of her kids. I quite like this - it's just made up from a folding board, it's an open top wallet with a pocket on the front and then has a card inside that uses a tab that loops over the top of the wallet and fastens on the front.
I have to go and make Father's Day cards from the girls - Aoif has "helped" with hers and I also have paint to clean up!

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