Saturday, 2 May 2009

Three years in the making

This little bear has taken me over 3 years to finish! I started him long before I had my first dd, I had cast, fired and painted his base coat and antiqued him - then in one of my many "organising" fits he ended up wrapped in newspaper and abandoned in the shed. So I am now in the process of "reorganising" (laugh in disbelief) and I was rehoming some ceramic pieces when I found him. As it happens dd broke her ceramic bear just this month, so I dusted him off and painted in his features. I think he has quite a cheeky look, just like my little madam. I'll have to put him out of reach of little fingers but this is Aoife's new bear, and we are going to call him Marco.

1 comment:

MayoMom said...

He is lovely Sarah!!!
Really cute