Thursday, 24 May 2012

Accucut & hotflex t-shirt

So after a rather prolonged hiatus I've been "making stuff" again. My personal creative journey had deviated away from paper & now includes fabric, ceramic, sublimation, t-shirt and baby designs - all kinds of stuff really. Today I'm showing you a t-shirt that I made for my DD to wear as a beachshirt (as it reaches past her knees). I picked it up in the sale in Penney's for €1.50 and I've used die cut hotflex to decorate. Accucut are currently running a competition using their products - details are here
 A couple of years ago, I splashed out and bought an accucut Grande Mark and some wedding stationery dies - I have to confess I've never really used it to anything like its potential. And the cost of postage on new dies has stopped me buying any more of them, the postage is all but the same as the cost of a die :-(  
So the T is decorated with black and gold hotflex die cut with my 4 inch Black Tie uppercase alphabet (I just love these dies & drool over the 1 1/2 inch version & nearly swooned at the prospect of a massive 7 inch alphabet! ) The scalloped detail on the letters are made by die cutting scraps of hotflex with the scalloped frame die and trimming to size. Scraps of flex were used to cut the various flowers as well. All were heat pressed into position. I might add some hotfix jewels to the letters when it goes through the wash (daughter was too impatient to wait and the T is currently outside being used as paddling pool attire & already in need of washing.)
Hope you're enjoying the sunshine - we are -paddling pool & a picnic in Coole park later. Happy Days.

P.S If there is anyone else using accucut dies please get in touch - I'd love to do a die lend/swap to try new ones.