Friday, 18 December 2015

Slip casting and Pottery Equipment for Sale.

Having bought literally tons of Ceramic making moulds (those things are bloody heavy) in every genre you could imagine, I have found myself only really treating it as a hobby (not even that lately if I am honest) and haven't the space to keep it all - so a lot has been hauled off into storage and so I think it's time to let someone else have the opportunity of actually using the stuff.
 I have hundreds of casting moulds - from Dinnerware to Christmas trees, teddy's to lamp bases, vases and jars, fruit and veg, garden items and much more. I will sell moulds individually from 15 euro each.

SLIP CAST STUDIO complete set up -
200 assorted slip casting moulds.
Lehmans slip o matic casting table (spotless)
Large steel shelves on castor (for drying greenware)
24 pints of assorted underglaze
Gallon of Gare dazzle dip
Cromartie top loading kiln (think it is a Top 45) new elements in Jan and only 8 firings since. Some rust inside lid but doesn't affect firing.
Couple of slabs of terracotta clay 12.5kg.

Prefer to sell as one lot. Circa €1500 can deliver but must be viewed first. All items are located near Naas.